Sunday, February 21, 2016


Mohawk Trail Regional presents


Music and Lyrics by Mark Hollman, Book and Lyrics by Greg Kotis
Directed by Will MacAdams


  • Friday, March 4 at 7 pm
  • Saturday, March 5 at 7 pm
  • Sunday, March 6 at 2 pm
Performances are in the Mohawk auditorium.


  • $10 for adults
  • $5 for students/seniors
  • Free for children 2 and under (on parent’s lap)
All tickets are general admission. Tickets may be reserved, or you may purchase tickets at the door if available.

Reservations (accepted until two hours before the show) : 

In your email or phone reservation please tell us your name, the date of the show you'd like to attend, and the number of tickets you'd like. Payment for tickets is made at the door. 

Tickets may be paid for and picked up in the lobby starting 1 hour before the show. The auditorium will open 30 minutes prior to curtain.


"URINETOWN" imagines a future when access to public bathrooms is controlled by a wealthy few in an era of drought and income inequality. As a satirical musical with mature themes, "URINETOWN" may be more appropriate for teenagers and adults than for younger children.

URINETOWN is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.

URINETOWN Program (3/8/2016)

Program (pdf file)

URINETOWN Cast (3/5/2016)

URINETOWN Poster (2/28/2016)

Download a copy and share it, print it, post it!

Updates from the Director (2/21/2016)

Director Will MacAdams shares this news:
A hub of activity in the “Urinetown” rehearsal process:  dance rehearsals in one room, music rehearsals in another, acting rehearsals on the stage or even in the hallway; a mural taking shape on the auditorium wall;  recently painted cubes on the stage, behind a tower being transformed by chicken wire, paint, and students' hands.
 What I love most about theater is its ability to create community.   We are seeing that every day, in both the work we are making and in how students support each other in the process.   I can't wait to share it with you - and hopefully inspire joy, laughter, and dialogue about the world that we share.

Moments From This Week's "Urinetown" Rehearsals (2/10/2016)

Photos of rehearsals featuring work of choreographer Kylee Cole, a Mohawk Senior:

Updates from the Director (1/31/2016)

Dear Mohawk families and community members,

We are three weeks into rehearsal for URINETOWN and the show is beginning to take shape.  Every day, there are new challenges, new discoveries, and new things that make us laugh.  As a newcomer to this community, I am learning every day.  A few highlights:

SEEING students pour over their scripts, or simply laughing together, in the minutes before rehearsal -  and remembering the friendships I built in theater at their age  (several of which remain to this day).
SPEAKING with students in Rachel Silverman's "Issues in Contemporary Art" class about a mural that they will paint on the walls of the auditorium, to make the whole room alive with the story.
WATCHING the discipline and focus of senior Kylee Cole, who is the choreographer for the show -  and whose work inspires me and her peers.
LISTENING to students in the 'Chorus of the Poor' (an ensemble that defines much of the play's action) as they reflect on issues in contemporary society that echo the stories of the play.
And (most of all) HEARING the beautiful voices of Mohawk students  - in the music room, in the auditorium, and in the hallway.  The strength of their voices reflects Mohawk's amazing vocal program.   I am thrilled to be a part of that proud history.

So JOIN US on Friday, March 4th and Saturday, March 5th (at 7:00 pm) and Sunday, March 6th (at 2:00 pm) for the show. I guarantee you an evening that will make you laugh, make you think, and, most of all, make you cheer for the extraordinary students of Mohawk.

One last note: we'd love your help with the set!   As the the show gets closer, we are looking for PIPES, PIPE MATERIAL, AND OTHER METAL TO FORM PART OF THE SET.  We are looking for pipes (PVC or metal), corrugated metal, scraps of luan, wire mesh, as well as fasteners, flanges, faucets, knobs, valves, drains, etc.  Do you have any old (clean!) materials that you'd like to be turned into art?  If so, a box will be in the Mohawk lobby starting this week.  For larger items (or with questions) email Michelle Larocque at  Please note that we will be unable to return the donations.  Thank you!
Director Will MacAdams

Eagerly anticipating this year’s musical in March (12/21/2015)

Auditions for this year’s musical will be held on Monday, January 4, afterschool for all students in grades 8-12 who are interested in performing. This year's production will be "Urinetown", an award-winning musical that imagines a community with a critical water shortage where the government has banned the use of private toilets. The citizens must use public facilities that are controlled by a single corporation that profits by charging admission for this basic need, and the people organize to challenge this situation. The show is a satire that examines capitalism, social inequality, bureaucracy, corporate mismanagement, local politics, and musical theater. We selected this show in part because it invites us to explore environmental and social issues while also being a challenging and engaging production for our student performers.
Mohawk welcomes Will MacAdams as Director of this year’s production.  He writes,

I am proud to be joining the Mohawk community to direct "Urinetown."  I've been a teacher and a theater director for over twenty years.  I have taught theater in colleges (most recently at Hampshire College), high schools, after-school programs, and in the juvenile justice system.  I have worked in theater in South Africa, Brazil, Indonesia, and across the U.S. 

What matters to me is community - places that people feel passionate about, places where stories are the lifeblood.   This is clearly that kind of place.

"Urinetown" is a story of struggle in difficult times and it is also about how to laugh at ourselves and make music in the midst of loss.  I'm excited for your participation and your partnership in the process - necessary ingredients in making this an incredible show and, even more importantly, a transformative learning process for the wonderful Mohawk students.

Will MacAdams, Director of the 2016 Mohawk Musical