Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Mohawk's "Song Grams" in the News

Mohawk students send ‘song grams’ to Valentines

From the Greenfield Recorder, February 16, 2106, page B1. Neighbors by Anita Fritz.

Hello neighbor.

A guest writer — my friend and colleague Diane Broncaccio — shared this with me this week, and I’d like to share it with you.

Lots of people get Valentine’s Day cards, but many in the Mohawk Trail Regional School community got “song grams” last week — student-made a capella arrangements of love songs, according to Music Director Scott Halligan.

One delighted Mohawk parent, Cory Young, was in her cow barn doing chores Friday morning, when she got a call from a group of Mohawk students, calling themselves “The Love Notes,” who then serenaded her with their version of Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud.” It was a little Valentine’s message from her daughter, Morgan. Young said students paid $3 each to send a love song to friends and family.

“It made my whole day,” Young told The Recorder. “It was so wonderful. Chorus, in my day, wasn’t like this.”

According to Halligan, about 20 members of Mohawk’s Select Chorus delivered “Song Grams” over the phone and in person around the school. Other a capella groups had names like “Stay Outta Treble,” “Citrus and the Fruit Bowl” and “Love Clouds.”

“I don’t have the final count yet for song grams that were sold, but it was at least three dozen,” he said. Students within the school’s National Music Honor Society will vote on how to spend the money they raised. “They will likely use it to help pay for a group meal when the high school band and chorus travel to the Annapolis Music Festival in Maryland this April,” he said.