Sunday, January 31, 2016

Urinetown the Musical: Updates from the Director

From Principal Lynn Dole's January 31, 2016 Newsletter:

Theater at Mohawk
Dear Mohawk families and community members,

We are three weeks into rehearsal for URINETOWN and the show is beginning to take shape.  Every day, there are new challenges, new discoveries, and new things that make us laugh.  As a newcomer to this community, I am learning every day.  A few highlights:

SEEING students pour over their scripts, or simply laughing together, in the minutes before rehearsal -  and remembering the friendships I built in theater at their age  (several of which remain to this day).
SPEAKING with students in Rachel Silverman's "Issues in Contemporary Art" class about a mural that they will paint on the walls of the auditorium, to make the whole room alive with the story.
WATCHING the discipline and focus of senior Kylee Cole, who is the choreographer for the show -  and whose work inspires me and her peers.
LISTENING to students in the 'Chorus of the Poor' (an ensemble that defines much of the play's action) as they reflect on issues in contemporary society that echo the stories of the play.
And (most of all) HEARING the beautiful voices of Mohawk students  - in the music room, in the auditorium, and in the hallway.  The strength of their voices reflects Mohawk's amazing vocal program.   I am thrilled to be a part of that proud history.

So JOIN US on Friday, March 4th and Saturday, March 5th (at 7:00 pm) and Sunday, March 6th (at 2:00 pm) for the show. I guarantee you an evening that will make you laugh, make you think, and, most of all, make you cheer for the extraordinary students of Mohawk.

One last note: we'd love your help with the set!   As the the show gets closer, we are looking for PIPES, PIPE MATERIAL, AND OTHER METAL TO FORM PART OF THE SET.  We are looking for pipes (PVC or metal), corrugated metal, scraps of luan, wire mesh, as well as fasteners, flanges, faucets, knobs, valves, drains, etc.  Do you have any old (clean!) materials that you'd like to be turned into art?  If so, a box will be in the Mohawk lobby starting this week.  For larger items (or with questions) email Michelle Larocque at  Please note that we will be unable to return the donations.  Thank you!

Director Will MacAdams