Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Music News

From Principal Lynn Dole's January 18, 2016 Newsletter:

Student performances at Mocha Maya's

High School Music News from Mr. Halligan

Congrats to everyone who participated in Mohawk Arts Night at Mocha Maya’s!

Exams are here!  Students in the music department are preparing to demonstrate what they have learned this semester in a variety of ways.  Below you can find a summary of what they are working on. You can also read about the Senior Districts Festival, which takes place this weekend at Umass Amherst, a Select Chorus event at the Shelburne Grange, and our next MMA meeting.  
Scott Halligan
Here is a summary of what Mohawk Music students will be doing during exams.
Students in Band and Chorus classes will have mock-auditions.  A mock-audition is a great way for students to demonstrate their level of mastery, and it’s also a great way for them to gain familiarity with the audition process.  This is important because so many opportunities in music are awarded on the basis of an audition (think Select Chorus, the Musical, the Pioneer Valley Youth Orchestra, Senior Districts, All-State, Colleges and Conservatories of Music, professional orchestras, Broadway, The Sing-Off…). The mock-audition is also great because the skills needed to audition successfully are similar to the skills needed to interview successfully for a job.  
Students in Rock Band will be working in small-groups to demonstrate their ability to effectively select, rehearse, and perform music in an interdependent group of peers.  Students in Music Studio and Music Theory will be presenting a variety of final projects.
Senior District Festival – Saturday, January 16, 3:00pm, Umass Amherst, Fine Arts Center
Several Mohawk High School students have the honor of performing at the Fine Arts Center at Umass Amherst this weekend.  They are singing in the highly selective Senior Districts Festival Chorus directed by Lindsay Pope, director of choral ensembles at Mount Holyoke College.  
Also of note: three of our students have been invited to audition for the All-State Chorus on January 23.  Zach Arfa, Adam Hallenbeck, and Matthew Taylor: BREAK A LEG!!
Select Chorus at the Shelburne Grange – Wednesday January 20, 7:00pm
Select Chorus will be presenting an informal performance at the Shelburne Grange this Wednesday, January 20, at 7:15pm.  The event is free and open to the public.  There will be a reception following the performance.  Donations will be accepted.
MMA Meeting – January 19, 6:30pm         
Last week’s meeting of the Mohawk Music Association was postponed due to weather.  The next meeting of will be on January 19 at 6:30pm in the Mohawk Library.  Be there!

Middle School Music News from Mrs. Clark

Mocha Maya’s
On Friday, January 15th several Middle and High School Music students performed at Mocha Maya’s for their first Mohawk Arts Showcase evening. In addition to the variety of songs, students also shared poetry readings and artwork was displayed. Thank you to art teacher Rachel Silverman for organizing this event!

Students in both Band and Chorus will be taking a 2-part midterm. There will be a performance portion and a written midterm. Information has been sent home, including dates for all of the exams. In addition, a list of definitions has been sent home, and links to the quizlet website have been updated on my home page in my class pages. (Please disregard the links that are on the paper that was sent home. Refer to the updated links on my home page.)
Finally, all classes were given a tutorial on how to access the quizlet games, which include flash cards as well as a fun new “gravity” game!

“Urinetown” rehearsals
Rehearsals have begun! There are several 8th grade students participating in this year’s musical “Urinetown” A schedule has been sent out, including “make-up” times for students who participate in winter sports. Please refer to the schedule to see when rehearsals take place!

Six Flags
In the next week I will be sending out an “intention” letter for the Six Flags performance trip on May 14th. This is a Saturday trip and we will be performing in the morning and staying at the park for the rest of the day. The ticket price includes admission to the park, and one meal in the park. Thank you to the MMA for their generous donation, which covers the performance fee for each student!  Please fill out and return the form by the deadline so that I can finalize plans. Please note: there is the option to perform only, if your child does not care to go to the park. I am trying to gain 100% participation this year. There may be carpooling opportunities for students who wish to perform only.
Finally: I am looking for 4 chaperones for this trip. Please indicate on the form if you wish to chaperone!