Monday, December 21, 2015

Music News

From Principal Lynn Dole's December 21, 2015 Newsletter:

High School Music News from Mr. Halligan
Please read below about our recent performances!  You can also read about the Coupon Book fundraiser we are wrapping up, and about next payments for the Annapolis Trip.  
Happy Holidays!
Scott Halligan

Winter Concert Video is Online!
To everyone who came out to spend the evening with us at our Winter Concert – Thank You!
If you missed the concert, or if you were there and would like to see it again, Falls Cable has posted video of the concert online!  At this time, you can access video of the second half of the concert.
You can view it here!  Thank you, Falls Cable!
Thank You Charlemont Senior Center and Shelburne Falls Women’s Club!
High School choirs were privileged to be invited to perform at two community events last week.  The Charlemont Senior Center hosted our singers at the beautiful Charlemont Federated Church, and then shared a fabulous meal with us.  Thank you!
The Shelburne Falls Women’s Club hosted Select Chorus at the Shelburne Falls Community Center, made a donation to our program, and shared a reception with us.  Thank you!
What a pleasure it was to share great music (and great food!) with these important groups in our community!  We hope to return again next year!
Fundraising – Coupon Books
The deadline to purchase coupon books is Wednesday, December 23 at 2:30pm!  
Students participating in the trip to Annapolis are offering valuable coupon books for sale.  The books are being sold for $25, and they each include 12 coupons for 10% off at Big Y!  Students earn $10 credit toward their Annapolis trip for each book they sell.  So please, support our students, and save big at Big Y!  This is a Win-Win!  Ask a music student for more information, or email me at
Annapolis Payment Update
The next payment for the Annapolis trip is due by January 15.   
Students in Band and Chorus will take home an info sheet next week listing the money they have contributed to the trip and their total balance due.  A payment will be required by January 15 for most students, but many students are paid in full!  I will also send home information about how to apply for scholarships.
Please contact me with any questions:
MMA Meeting – January 12, 6:30pm
The next meeting of the Mohawk Music Association is January 12 at 6:30pm in the Mohawk Library.  Be there!

Middle School News from Mrs. Clark
Thank you to all students and families who came out for our winter concert on Thursday, December 10. It was a pleasure to spend the evening listening to all of our wonderful and talented performers here at Mohawk. After the break I will be sending out more information regarding upcoming winter and spring performances for both the Band and Chorus. Until then, I wish you all a safe, and wonderful vacation and holiday season!

Eagerly anticipating this year’s musical in March

Auditions for this year’s musical will be held on Monday, January 4, afterschool for all students in grades 8-12 who are interested in performing. This year's production will be "Urinetown", an award-winning musical that imagines a community with a critical water shortage where the government has banned the use of private toilets. The citizens must use public facilities that are controlled by a single corporation that profits by charging admission for this basic need, and the people organize to challenge this situation. The show is a satire that examines capitalism, social inequality, bureaucracy, corporate mismanagement, local politics, and musical theater. We selected this show in part because it invites us to explore environmental and social issues while also being a challenging and engaging production for our student performers.

Mohawk welcomes Will MacAdams as Director of this year’s production.  He writes,

“I am proud to be joining the Mohawk community to direct "Urinetown."  I've been a teacher and a theater director for over twenty years.  I have taught theater in colleges (most recently at Hampshire College), high schools, after-school programs, and in the juvenile justice system.  I have worked in theater in South Africa, Brazil, Indonesia, and across the U.S. 

What matters to me is community - places that people feel passionate about, places where stories are the lifeblood.   This is clearly that kind of place.

"Urinetown" is a story of struggle in difficult times and it is also about how to laugh at ourselves and make music in the midst of loss.  I'm excited for your participation and your partnership in the process - necessary ingredients in making this an incredible show and, even more importantly, a transformative learning process for the wonderful Mohawk students.

Will MacAdams, Director of the 2016 Mohawk Musical