Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday at the Ashfield Fall Festival

Sunday at the Ashfield Fall Festival is going to be an amazing day as Mohawk High School's Select Chorus and Citrus and the Fruit Bowl, an a capella group made up of Mohawk students, perform at 11:00 am. Terrific weather, beautiful foliage: don't miss out!
Select Chorus, Fall 2013

Mohawk Music Association Baked Potato Booth at the Ashfield Fall Festival
Sunday is also the last day of the year to enjoy one of the Mohawk Music Association's famous Baked Potatoes at the Ashfield Fall Festival! These baked potatoes from the Teddy C. Smiarowski Farm in Hatfield are hefty and delicious, and they come with toppings of your choice: bacon, broccoli, butter, cheese, chives, salsa, salt & pepper, sour cream, taco meat (ground turkey & seasoning.) Plus, if the weather happens to be cold, your baked potato doubles as a hand warmer!

A huge THANK YOU to all the volunteers who make this possible. We couldn't do this without you!!!