Thursday, October 1, 2015

Student Fundraisers

November 2015. High school music students are selling coupon books now through December 23. Each book sells for $25. Students receive $10 towards the cost of their trip to Annapolis for each book they sell.

Coupons include: Big Y (12 coupons for 10% off your purchase), Berkshire East, Zoar Outdoor, Shelburne Falls Coffee Roasters and MANY more! There are tons of restaurant coupons.

These books would make a great holiday gift.

More information about this fundraiser on The Taste Dining & Activity Book website. View the participating merchants in the 2016 Western Mass Edition (download 2.0 MB pdf file):
Click image for larger view of participating merchants

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Florida Citrus
[Update 11/17/2015:  the fruit has arrived and students are arranging delivery to their customers. Thank you to everyone who supported this student fundraiser!]
Florida Citrus flyer - click image for larger view
Music Students in the High School and Middle School are taking orders for high quality Florida Citrus! Proceeds benefit the students directly and help to pay for their trips this year (Worldstrides Heritage Exhibition Festival in Annapolis, Maryland for High School students; Music in the Parks for Middle School students.)

 Orders are due by October 23. Citrus will arrive in time for Thanksgiving!

Once again the MS/HS Music department will be holding a Cirtus Fruit fundraiser. Here's how it works!!
*All students were given order forms, and envelopes. 
*There are a variety of options and packages available. Students can sell to ANYONE!
*All orders must be turned in by October 23rd. Checks should be made out to Mohawk
*Each student who sells will receive a percentage back per unit. This money will go toward that student's ticket/payment for the Music in the Parks festival later in the year. This is an individual student fundraiser. The more a student sells, the more they will receive. (Please note: students will NOT receive cash back.)
*Orders will arrive at Mohawk before Thanksgiving break. Students will be required to pick up their order from the music room, and deliver their items. 

The amount a student receives as profit per unit is as follows:
Navel Oranges: 10lb.: $7.75 profit, 20lb.: $10.20 profit
Grapefruit: 10lb.: $7.75 profit, 20lb.: $10.20 profit
Mix (navels&grapefruit): 10lb.: $6.70 profit, 20lb.: $9.25 profit
Tangelos: 10lb.: $7.75 profit, 20lb: $10.20 profit
Citrus Delight(navels, grapefruit, tangelos): $15.35 profit
Triple Charmer(navels, grapefruit, apples): $15.35 profit

If you are interested in ordering citrus to help support a student trip, please email Mr. Halligan at:

Business Sponsorship
High School Music Students are currently seeking individual sponsorships from businesses to help pay for their trip to Annapolis. For a tax deductable donation of $100, businesses support an individual Mohawk Music student, and in return receive advertising in the Music Department Concert Programs.

If you have a business and are interested in sponsoring a student, please email Mr. Halligan at: