Sunday, June 7, 2015

Music News

From Principal Lynn Dole's June 7, 2015 Newsletter:
High School Music News from Mr. Halligan
As the year comes to an end, our music students have a lot going on - as usual! You can read below about our year-end activities: Band and Chorus members will perform at Graduation, and also visit elementary schools for outreach performances this week; Tri-M will have an induction ceremony for new members; the Freedom Singers will visit Mohawk and work with our students on Friday. The following week will be finals.
Freedom Singers. Image courtesy of Bill Perlman
This picture, taken in Jackson, Miss., a couple of years ago, shows, from left, Bill Perlman, Chuck Neblett, Marshall Jones and Emory Harris.

You can also read below about some great opportunities for our students over the summer, and about the MMA meeting this week in which new officers will be elected.
This has been a great year for our high school music students! Thank you to everyone who came out to hear our students perform this year, and to everyone who contributed their time and energy to our numerous events and fundraisers! Summer will be sweet, but I already can't wait for next year!!
Scott Halligan

High School Band and Chorus members will be honoring the graduating class with performances at Graduation this Sunday. Call time for student performers is noon.

Elementary School Outreach Performances
High School and Middle School Band and Chorus members will be visiting our elementary schools this week to give outreach performances. On Monday students will perform at BSE, Hawlemont, and Rowe. On Thursday students will perform at Sanderson and Heath. Unfortunately we are unable to visit Colrain due to logistical challenges.

Tri-M Inducts new Members
Tri-M, the National Music Honors Society, will induct six new members this week! More info to come - watch my class pages for details.

Freedom Singers to visit Mohawk June 12
We are very fortunate to be welcoming The Freedom Singers to Mohawk this Friday, June 12. The Freedom Singers were significant players in the Civil Rights Movement. Their music helped fuel that movement and carry its message far and wide. They performed at historic marches, college campuses, and even at the White House. Each member of the group was also a field secretary for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, or SNCC (pronounced "Snick"). Mohawk students will meet the members of the Freedom Singers (including Bill Perlman of Ashfield), and hear the story and the music of the Movement from those who were there! [Article in The Recorder Saturday, June 6, 2015 "Freedom worth singing for"] 

Music students will have final performance exams before the end of the year. These exams can be performed live in the music room or can be recorded and emailed to me at

Summer Opportunities
Students have several opportunities for making music over the summer! Band members should strongly consider playing with the Shelburne Falls Military Band and/or the Ashfield Community Band. Singers should consider attending Summer Sings with the Pioneer Valley Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, where they can sing gorgeous music with a large choir and live orchestra! More information about these opportunities can be found on my class pages:

An additional opportunity for singers is the Harmony Explosion camp at Worcester State University, August 6-9. Scholarships are available! This is a weekend music camp for high-school aged singers. Visit this website for more information:
If you would like to learn about scholarships please contact me via phone ASAP: 625-9811 x1317

MMA Meeting June 9
The Mohawk Music Association will meet on Tuesday, June 9 at 6:30pm in the Mohawk Library to elect officers for the 2015-16 school year. Be there!

Middle School Music News from Ms. Glover

In class chorus students are working on group projects. Each group has selected a song to learn together, and eventually perform. They are also exploring their creativity by adding instruments, solos and harmony. We will be working on this project from now until the end of the year, with the final project graded as the performance portion of their final exam.

Speaking of finals, each class will be taking a final exam this year. This will consist of a performance portion, as well as a written exam. Please see details and dates below so that your child can plan accordingly. We will also do some work in class. I will be posting all terms, policies and rubrics online, as well as a link to the quizlet, from which I will be taking the exam questions. Please see my Class Pages!

Chorus Final: June 9th
Performance: group work (50 points)
Written: 20 terms (15 for grade 7)

Band Final: June 10th
Performance: (sight-reading, salute to freedom: individual)
Written: 20 terms (15 for grade 7)

Elementary performances:
Both HS and MS ensembles will be performing at our district elementary schools. These performances will be during school on June 8th and June 11th. Students are not required to wear concert dress, however should wear nice clothes, following school dress code guidelines. The performances will be as follows.

June 8th
9:00 - BSE
10:00 - Hawlemont

June 11th
9:00 - Heath
10:30 - Sanderson

**All students must have a signed permission slip in order to attend. 

The Arts at Mohawk
All Talk on June 12 and June 13
This year’s spring drama showcase is entitled “All Talkand includes a variety of pieces that examine the theme of communication. The production includes dramatic pieces by notable writers from Ernest Hemingway to David Sedaris, and also features the work of some of the most celebrated authors of ten-minute plays. “All Talk” endeavors to illuminate how we use language and how we, well… all talk.   Performances will be held in the Mohawk Auditorium on Friday, June 12th and Saturday, June 13th at 7:00 pm. For more information, please e-mail Leanne Blaszak at We’ll see you there!
Concerts, Shows, and Plays available online
You can see videos of recent Mohawk student productions that James Sullivan, Program & Outreach Coordinator for Falls Cable, has added to the Falls Cable video website.  Check out the links to Mohawk Student Productions on the Falls Cable website: