Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mohawk Concert Band in the "Seussical" Pit Orchestra

 Welcome back!
It has been many years since members of the Mohawk Concert Band participated in the Pit Orchestra for Mohawk musicals.

Mohawk Music Director Scott Halligan is excited about the return:
Concert Band Members in “Seussical”! 

Seussical the Musical is coming to Mohawk, and students in Concert Band will be participating in the performances! Some Concert Band members are already involved in the production and have roles to play on stage or behind the scenes, but others will be playing in the pit orchestra.

Specific skills are required to successfully play in a Broadway-style show, ie: sight reading in a variety of keys and time signatures. Concert Band members will gain first-hand experience with these skills in a rich, authentic learning experience. (By the way, I played bass guitar in my high school’s production of “Les Mis√©rables” when I was a freshman – those shows were my very first public performances!)

I hope to see you at “Suessical”!