Sunday, December 14, 2014

What a great dinner!

The 2nd Saturday Supper on December 13 at Fellowship Hall in Shelburne was a fundraiser for the Mohawk Music Department. Music students prepared and served a ham dinner with some help from their families.

The kids did an awesome job! It was great to have so many students there helping out.   All the adults who helped had a nice time working and visiting together. We ended up serving 97 in the hall plus a couple of really little kids under 2 and a couple of take-outs.

Some photos of the evening, courtesy of Sue Cole

The diners got entertainment with their dinner. Zac welcomed everyone, invited them to the concert Wednesday night, and then the kids sang a song.

We even had 2 alum helping in the kitchen - Emma and Ashley are both home on winter break. Thank you ladies for helping out your Alma Mater.

Later on after the kids cleared the tables and served dessert (the cupcakes they decorated earlier in the afternoon), then they sang another song. They did great! Looking forward to hearing them Wednesday night at the Mohawk Winter concert.