Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thank you to our Valley Gives Donors!

With an hour left in the Valley Gives 12/10/14 fundraising effort, we want to thank the 47 unique donors that have contributed a total of $2,300 to the Mohawk Music Association. Your generosity will help provide an ice cream treat to an elementary school student after their first concert on the big stage at Mohawk High School, make the four day field trip to Williamsburg, VA more affordable for all the high school music students, or fund scholarships to graduating seniors.

[Update 12/14/2014:  According to the Valley Gives website we had $2300 in donations on 12/10/2014. There was also $375 in new donor prizes, plus $20 cash from a friend, less Razoo fees, giving us a net profit of $2620.54. We also received a $25 donation through the Valley Gives website on the next day, bringing our total to $2645.50.]

The Mohawk Chorus at the Cantate Choral Festival at Keene State College.

Thank you!