Thursday, November 13, 2014

Gonnnnnng! "Boards Up Please."

Mohawk senior Laura P. is ready to strike the gong, as classmate Eliza C. keeps an eye on the stopwatch. The Mohawk Music Department's gong, a gift from the Mary Lyon Foundation, was sounded at the end of each 30 second time period allotted for writing the spelling word on the team's whiteboard. The Spell Master, Art Schwenger, would then instruct the teams to raise their boards to the judges and the audience. Photo credit: Peter Otten.
The 9th Annual Mary Lyon Foundation Community Spelling Bee was a huge success, with 24 costumed teams vying for the title of "Queen Bee Speller" and entertaining the large audience in the Mohawk auditorium. This event is a fundraiser for the Mary Lyon Foundation and they had many great raffle and silent auction prizes. The Mary Lyon Foundation is a generous supporter of the arts, along with all aspects of high quality education. Last year the Community Spelling Bee raised $7000 for educational projects.

The evening began with a rousing gospel song ("Trouble Don't Last Always" by Rev. Timothy Wright) performed by the Mohawk Concert Chorus under the direction of Scott Halligan.

Congratulations to the winners of the Grand Championship Round, The Spelling Beans, sponsored by Shelburne Falls Coffee Roasters. They correctly spelled furfuraceous (fur·fu·ra·ceous  adj \ˌfər-f(y)ə-ˈrā-shəs\, definition: consisting of or covered with flaky particles), outlasting the other finalists: TEAM Robert STRONG WoodWORD,  Hager's Hags, and the National Honor Society.

Hager's Hags competing in Round II.

The complete list of Grand Championship Round words:
  1. forsythia
  2. moccasin
  3. equivalency
  4. leviathan
  5. auxiliary
  6. furfuraceous

A complete list of the evening's spelling words
Mary Lyon Spelling Bee 2014 words.pdf (view on Google Drive)

The Costume Contest was won by the Artful Spellers, sponsored by the Shelburne Falls Arts Co-Op.

Program cover
View the entire program
Mary Lyon Spelling Bee 2014 program.pdf (view on Google Drive)

Article about the event in the Greenfield Recorder