Monday, October 13, 2014

Great Weekend at the Ashfield Fall Festival!

Another soon to be satisfied customer at the Baked Potato Booth.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped at the Mohawk Music Association's Baked Potato Sale at the Ashfield Fall Festival this weekend. From prep to baking to working to cleaning to eating, and more, this really is an event that takes a lot of coordination and cooperation to pull off and the MMA community did an amazing job!

If you were there, please don't hesitate to give us feedback. Let us know how your experience was! Send a facebook message, or email

From today's Recorder page A1 article about the Ashfield Fall Festival, headlined "Attendees eat up the fest: Many different delights when it comes to food":
“Business is insane,” reported Barbara Harris, who was volunteering at the Mohawk Music Association’s baked stuffed potato station. “We are about to sell out. We probably have 15 left,” Harris said at 3:30 Sunday.

Daughter Samantha Harris-Fried corrected that number to five — prompting a warning to the line of nine or so that supplies were low. Minutes later, the last potato was on its way and the volunteers were left with juice and