Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Music Field Trip

[Update 7/12/2014: The field trip was approved by the Mohawk School Committee at their 7/9/2014 meeting.]

Screenshot of an excerpt from the Field Trip Request Form to be voted for approval at the Mohawk School Committee meeting (agenda) on Wednesday, July 9. Complete form may be read in the MTRSD Complete Packet 7-9-2014.pdf (6.8 MB pdf file), pages 52-53.

Music Director Scott Halligan is requesting permission to participate in the Worldstrides Heritage Performance Music Festival in Williamsburg, Virginia, from April 23-26, 2015 (during April vacation.)

From a post on the Mohawk Music Association facebook page:
Just a reminder, the MMA does not have a regular meeting in July. However, on Wednesday, July 9th at 7pm, at the full School Committee meeting in the Superintendent's Conference Room (the old chorus room), Music Director Scott Halligan will be requesting approval of next year's overnight Music Field Trip. This meeting is open to the public and community input is welcomed. If you would like to share how educationally important you think these competitions are, or have financial issues you would be willing to share, or have any other comments regarding this trip or any school field trips in general, please come and share your thoughts. Thank you!