Friday, June 20, 2014

Year End Financial Summary

Treasurers Report 
Year End (2013-2014) Summary 
 June 10, 2014

Year to date:

1. Total income from all our fundraising efforts this year to date $10,423.72

2. Total value of asset donations to the MMA $539.80

3. Total given to students (scholarships, trips, food, etc.) $6562.82

4. Total value of assets donated by the MMA to Mohawk $419.75

5. All other expenses to date $35.88

6. Net profit for the year to date $3945.07

7. Added to what we have left over from previous years, we currently have a bank balance of $13,257.88 and assets of $3985.62

- - - - -

Please join us for our annual summer meeting/potluck supper at Sherry & John's home (RSVP by email on Tuesday, August 12 at 6:00 pm. Add your voice to the conversations about next year's fundraising efforts to support the music students at Mohawk!