Monday, December 9, 2013

The "Hilltowns" are Alive with the Sound of Music

An email from Mohawk Music Association President Sherry Taylor:

Subject: The "hilltowns" are alive with the sound of music . . .

December 6, 2013

Dear Supporters of Mohawk Music,

I woke up really excited this morning. While I’m always passionate about the work I do for the Mohawk Music Association, there's something else that's got me pumped.  On 12.12.13, thousands of area residents are going to show their support for their favorite nonprofit during VALLEY GIVES. On that day, every donation and donor we get will go further to help us claim our share of more than $200,000 in cash awards.

(Mohawk Select Chorus outside at Keene State College where they performed in a Cantata in October 2013)

What really has me excited is that this is going to be a big event, and everyone will be talking about who they’re supporting. Think “American Idol” and we're in the tryouts but need your support to make it to the top.

(Mohawk Middle School Chorus performing "God Bless America" to open the season for the Springfield Falcons hockey team in October 2013)

We need you to help us with these three things:

1) Mark 12.12.13 on your calendar and add this giving link

2) Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and help build the buzz.

3) Spread the word! Forward this email to your family and friends along with a personal note as to why you believe in our work, and why they should give on 12.12.13.

Help spread the excitement! Tell your friends and family why you think they should help us with their donation. Please be our champion, and help us see it to the top! We can’t wait to celebrate the difference your generosity will make on 12.12.12.


Sherry M Taylor

Mohawk Music Association President

For more information about Valley Gives, visit