Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Music Practice Tips

From National Public Radio's deceptive cadence blog:

10 Easy Ways To Optimize Your Music Practice 

  1. Find somewhere quiet. 
  2. Have your supplies nearby.
  3. Technology can be an amazing aid.
  4. Begin with the end in mind: Have a goal for each practice session before you start playing.
  5. Map a practice session out like a workout. 
  6. Practice smarter, not necessarily longer. 
  7. Don't always start at the beginning every time. 
  8. Challenge yourself — physically.
  9. Practice away from your instrument.
  10. Reward hard work — in positive ways — to help your brain automate good habits.
Read the blog post for the details about each tip, and also take a look at a series they published in June of 2012 called The Young Person's Guide To Making Music: