Friday, September 13, 2013

Fond Farewell to Bygone Eras

Mohawk Marching Band
photo credit Massamet 1978

It's bittersweet to see them listed on the Sealed Bids - Surplus Items sheet. The Mohawk Music Department uniforms from the Smithers and Waynelovich eras were removed from the storage closet this summer and are up for bid. They served us well for many years, but it was time for them to go - no longer used and taking up too much space.

Mohawk Music Department's old uniforms are listed on the September 2013 Surplus Items Bid Sheet

Lots of good memories associated with those uniforms, starting with my wife and siblings wearing them in the 1970's, to my daughter wearing them in the 2000's.

Here are a few photos, scanned from yearbooks, showing the uniforms proudly worn in their glory days.

photo credit Massamet 1973

photo credit Massamet 1973

photo credit Massamet 1973

Band and Dance Band
photo credit Massamet 2009

Middle School Band and Chorus
photo credit Massamet 2009

The Mohawk Music Department is moving forward with talented leadership and fresh ideas (and new uniforms!) Today's students are fortunate to be part of this energetic program. I'm looking forward to watching them perform this year.