Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mohawk Alma Mater

Video of Mohawk's Select Chorus performing the Mohawk Alma Mater at the Fall Open House on September 22, 2016.

Mohawk's Alma Mater was written in the late 1960's or early 1970's by Stan Smithers, the first Music Director of the newly formed nine-town regional school district. Mr. Smithers began teaching music to local students in 1946 at Arms Academy and then came to Mohawk in 1967 from Arms Academy. He retired from Mohawk in 1978.

Stan Smithers
photo credit: Massamet 1978

The lyrics to the Mohawk Alma Mater were recently printed on the back page of the Class of 2013's Graduation Program.

        Mohawk Alma Mater
Music & lyrics by Stan Smithers
Mohawk Trail, Our Alma Mater
Love and praise be to thee evermore.
All thy sons and all thy daughters
Will be loyal and true to thee.
Hold high thy name, uphold thy fame
As through the years we go.
May the mem'ry of our days with you
Fill our hearts, our whole life through!

From the river on to the mountains,
From the farms to the factory frame,
You have gathered every student
To be molded into your name.
Oh, Mohawk! Be our strength and guide
A stalwart to your youth.
Oh, Alma Mater, Praise to thee
We light your lamp of truth!