Monday, November 19, 2012

Shaping Taste in Music

There is an article on the BBC website about a parent's role in influencing the music their children will like.
Can you shape your children's taste in music?

"Many parents can't help but try to shape their children's taste in music. But is it an effort doomed to failure, or worse, will it make children hate the music their parents love, and love the music their parents hate?" 
The article concludes
"Whatever parents do or don't do to shape their children's taste, they seem to find what they like. Perhaps all that parents need to do is to open the doors for children, introduce them, in cellist Julian Lloyd Webber's phrase, "to some of the greatest achievements of mankind" and let them explore at their leisure."

""There are no mistakes, they will find their own taste anyway," says Lloyd Webber."

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