Sunday, June 3, 2012

High School Music Council

High school music students are encouraged to get involved with the HS Music Student Council.  The Music Department has its own student council. They serve the Music Department in many ways such as fundraising efforts, organizing activities, concerts, excursions, music, equipment, and more!  Moreover, the Music Student Council serves as representatives of the Music Department's student members.  Beyond the Music Department's needs, participating council members find that they obtain knowledge and skills required for job/career and college resumes.  

Nominations and essays of application for positions are due by Friday, June 8 at 8:00 p.m.  These essays may be submitted handwritten or typed, in hard copy or via email to Ms. Kastanas. Voting will take place on Monday, June 11, throughout the day.

Students in any of the instrumental or vocal ensembles in grade 10-12 may become officers. Interested students must sign-up on the Music Wall Board and provide a 500 word essay to the Music Director declaring their interest and rationale as to why they would be best suited for the position. Deadline for submissions is Friday, June 8.

The following positions are open: President, Vice President, Clerk, Treasurer, Business Manager, Social Chair, Head Librarian, and Library Staff.  For additional information about the roles and responsibilities of each of these positions, please consult Ms. Kastanas or see the Music Wall Board for additional information.