Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ms. K's Virginia Beach Summary

Many Many Many Many thanks to Ann Pacino, Eric Grant, Lisa Hollister and Sheri Thayer for their chaperoning powers in Virginia Beach!! With their help, we had a great fun-filled and safe experience with the students.

The music department is also grateful to the Music Association for providing a "Golden" dinner Friday night where Hannah was serenaded with a birthday song from the students and restaurant staff and Lucie gave a new meaning to the term 'healthy' appetite.

There were many great moments that I am sure will all be revealed on the student's facebook pages. Again, thanks to the chaperones and MMA for their help in pulling off a successful trip.

Virginia Beach Awards: 
  • Concert Chorus - Superior
  • Concert Band - Excellent
  • Select Chorus - Excellent
Needless to say, the students and I are happy.